Student self-government

In our college, the core of the student body is the student body, whose activity is aimed at improving the educational process with the aim of improving the quality of knowledge, nurturing students 'spirituality and culture, increasing students' social activity and responsibility for the task..


Student Self-Government KNTIIS ONAPT is a student organization that functions to improve student learning, encourage them, assist them in different situations.


As participants in the discussion of current problems of the college, members of the student government make proposals, vote in accordance with their position for making a variety of decisions, participate in meetings of councils, councils of prevention, etc.

Student self-government identifies potential leaders, promotes the development of managerial and organizational skills with the team, thus shaping the future elite of the nation.

The main tasks of student self-government are:

- analysis of student problems and expression of students' interests;

- promotion of students' educational, scientific and creative activity;

- facilitating the creation of appropriate conditions for students' accommodation and leisure;

- attracting students to work in their free time;

- Conducting competitions, KVN, sports competitions, prom nights, etc .;

- formation of college traditions;

- organization of cooperation with students of other educational institutions and youth organizations;

- promoting a healthy lifestyle






Гачик Станислав 18-151

помощник звукорежиссера

Древинская Александра 18-241

(зам. председателя студсовета,


Кротюк Даниил 18-161

организатор по связям

с общественностью


Лейдикер Михаил 18-241

Секретарь студенческого совета

Макалюк Ілля 16-1ав


Медведь Анастасия 18-241

председатель студсовета и

профорг колледжа




Curators of student self-government


Stancheva IA - Deputy Director for Educational and Social Protection

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