07 Management and administration

Specialty 075 "Marketing"

Marketing is




         Marketing is one of the most promising professions. There are countless opportunities waiting to be seized. In addition to very specialized positions, you also have access to the highest levels of management.

A true Marketer is:

 the brain of a company that can generate ideas that consumers are willing to pay money for;

 the power that drives, that pushes the company from within, to realize and implement those goals;

 one of the most in-demand professions.

         Today, there is a job for a marketer in any company that employs more than ten people. In addition, marketing for many becomes the launching pad for their own successful businesses.

         Marketers or marketing specialists have the opportunity to occupy senior and middle management positions in enterprises of all forms of ownership, different profiles and levels, in project organizations, transport organizations, consulting centers, scientific and educational institutions, in particular in such departments and divisions:

 advertising and other marketing departments;

 information support;

 supply;

 sales;

 manufacturing;

 international relations;

 planning and economic;

 marketing research

One of the major advantages of this profession is its youthfulness and wide range of responsibilities. With a lot of knowledge, skills and abilities, you can easily find yourself in a number of more narrowly focused occupations.

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