07 Management and administration

Specialty 076 "Entrepreneurship and Trade"

Entrepreneurship and trade

is a specialty for those who strive to develop and confidently climb the career ladder

If you are planning to become successful, strive to make a career in business, establish your own business, achieve success in the field of customer service, we invite you to study in the specialty "Entrepreneurship and Trading"

Graduates of this specialty can realize themselves in various areas of economic activity:

 master the art of conducting commercial negotiations with partners;

 know how to regulate economic relations between buyers and suppliers of goods and services;

 know the basics of advertising, marketing, management.

Graduates can work:

 sales consultant;

 sales agent;

 sales floor administrator;

 sales manager;

 a broker;

 exchange agent;

 quality control expert;

 Head of enterprises of different forms of ownership

Studying in the specialty "Entrepreneurship and Trading", you will discover an unlimited number of opportunities for work and self-realization. After all, we teach not only a certain specialty, we teach how to be successful in what you want to do.

Lay the foundation for your future!