17 Electronics and telecommunications

Specialty 172 "Electronic communications and radio engineering"


For uninterrupted communication with the world around us, experts in telecommunications and radio engineering are needed.

These are generalists and will be needed until mankind is no longer in need of knowledge and transmission of information.

The specialty "Electronic communications and radio engineering" covers all issues related to the training of specialists in the implementation and maintenance of information transmission systems from fiber-optic, radio relay and cable communication lines, local and global computer networks, cellular and radio communication systems.

The telecommunications industry is one of the engines of progress that will drive new opportunities and changes in industry, healthcare, media, energy and other areas. This is due to the increasing integration of the IT industry and the arrival of new technologies in telecommunications. Already, the latest technologies such as Internet of Things, Internet Television, 5G generation mobile communications, etc. are on the way to be implemented.


In the process of training applicants for professional prehigher education of specialization 172 "Electronic communications and radio engineering" study disciplines providing fundamental knowledge of information, methods of its processing, distribution and protection in telecommunication systems and computer networks, knowledge of modern information and communication technologies and technical means of communication.

Also during training at the College of Oil and Gas Technology, Engineering and Service Infrastructure of ONUT special attention is paid to the need for practical training in telecommunications and radio engineering. Therefore, in college students get practical skills, passing practice in laboratories of special disciplines, where they learn how to work with a variety of telecommunications equipment.

While passing industrial practice (technological and internship) at the enterprises, students receive practical skills on service of computer networks, mobile communication, computer things, cyber protection, service of telecommunication systems of transfer, and also receive experience of work directly at manufacture and skills of dialogue in a collective that will positively reflect on the further work on the chosen specialty.


Graduates of a specialty "Telecommunications and radio engineering" are able to provide users with access to the Internet, to "lay" the fibre-optical networks, to provide IP-telephony services, to be responsible for adjustment, operation, network monitoring, its development, to provide qualitative and reliable work of systems, to conduct repair and modernization of various modern telecommunication equipment, to apply in their work modern computer, microprocessor technologies, and also the modern certified software.


Graduates work in telecommunication companies, cellular companies, local and global information computer networks (Internet provider, IP-telephony provider), mobile communication switching centers, design and operational organizations of different departments, radioelectronic and electrotechnical industry enterprises, commercial structures, city telephone networks, telephone communication and telecommunication message centers, business centers, computer centers.