College Sports Life

Our college authorities are sure that sport is the key to a successful career.
That's why they pay special attention to the sports life of students; they create the right environment to develop their sporting skills. For this our students have the best conditions: a well equipped gym and the best coaches who help to win and receive many awards Every year, our athletes participate in various regional and city competitions in different kinds of sport: athletics, football, basketball, volleyball, handball, table tennis, chess, checkers, etc.
In recent years, our sports teams have been champions in these sports. The number of medal winners proves the level of sport in our college.
After all, sport is life. And our college is doing everything to make the students' life more interesting and full of vitality.



students who defend the honor of college in sports, talented, ambitious, promising!!!

Якимчук Наталья 18-151

Ищенко Екатерина 16-1зв

Курносов Зорислав 17-1ел


Голубенко Антон 17-1ел

Гуляева Ярослава 17-1тур

Кабахматенко Володимир 17-1а


Зарванский Денис 17-1т

Кара Евгений 16-1т

Климбищук Виктория 17-1гро


Макалюк Илья 16-1ав