Specialty 242 Tourism


The Professional College of Oil and Gas Technology, Engineering and Service Infrastructure provides basic training of competitive specialists in the tourism industry who have theoretical and practical skills (in accordance with general and special competencies and learning outcomes) that are necessary to provide tourism participants with a quality tourism product and competent customer service, and are characterized by independence, creativity, communication skills, teamwork, ability to work in a team, and ability to solve problems.

The training of qualified personnel is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the tourism industry based on a student-centered approach, the formation of competencies focused on solving problems in the field of tourism and motivating self-study.

The training is conducted in an interactive format through a combination of lectures, practical and seminar classes, as well as industrial and educational practices that involve solving situational, calculation and analytical, research tasks, using case methods, business games, discussions to form knowledge and creative thinking, developing practical skills and abilities with the involvement of stakeholders and employers in the tourism industry - successful and well-known professionals.

The specifics of the development of the tourism industry in the city and the region, trends in the development of the specialty, labor market requirements, and recreational resources of the Odesa region for recreation and health improvement are also taken into account.

The formation of leaders and professionals in the tourism sector is carried out through practical training at enterprises in the region and Ukraine, as well as abroad: an academic mobility program (Erasmus+) has been implemented, which provides for paid international internships with subsequent employment.

According to the Odesa Region Development Strategy for 2021-2027 and the Tourism and Resorts Development Strategy until 2026, it is noted that development in accordance with international standards, systematic improvement of product quality and use of high national potential are relevant and possible, provided a systematic state approach and high-quality training of qualified specialists. This indicates the demand for competent specialists in the Odesa region in our specialty (Tourism).

Among the competencies acquired by students of the College of Oil and Gas Technology, Engineering and Service Infrastructure are the following:

 Apply regulations in professional activities.

 To apply legal norms, norms on labor protection, life safety, environmental protection in professional activities.

 Speak the state and foreign languages in professional activities.

 Solve typical specialized tasks in professional activities.

 Explain social priorities for the protection of tourism resources in Ukraine and the environmental protection in the performance of professional duties.

 Analyze the resource potential of countries, regions regarding the state and prospects of tourism development (demonstrate creative thinking in the formation and promotion of tourist routes, develop leisure organization skills)

 To inform consumers about the conditions of tourist services.

 Apply customer service skills in professional activities.

 Participate in the preparation of draft contracts for tourism, excursion, and hotel services.

 Ensure the process of comprehensive customer service during the provision of tourist services and the sale of tourist products.

 Apply knowledge of the basics of psychology that contribute to the development of general culture to solve professional problems.

 Apply teamwork and leadership skills to establish communication in professional activities.

 To search, process and analyze information from various sources in professional activities.

 Apply the skills of productive communication with consumers of tourism services in professional activities.

 To use modern information and communication technologies to solve professional problems.

 Knowledge and skills in the field of formation and organization of tourist trips (ability to conduct various excursions and draw up a technological map of excursions);

 Plan and organize the process of providing tourist services on the basis on the cultural and historical heritage of Odesa and Odesa region.

The professional junior bachelor is able to hold primary positions (indicative) for professional job titles according to the National Classifier of Ukraine "Classifier of professions DK 003: 2010" (approved and entered into force by the order of the State Consumer Standard of Ukraine dated 28.07.2010 № 327 (as amended)):

Tourism organization agent

Inspector of tourism

Instructor of health and sports tourism (by type of tourism)

Sports instructor for tourist support (by type of tourism)

Instructor-methodologist in tourism

Tourism manager (manager)

Junior researcher (tourism studies, excursion studies)

Tourism expert

Guide (by type of tourism)

Worker in the provision of services in the field of rural tourism

Specialist in the development of rural tourism

Organizer of tourism and hotel activities

Hospitality specialist in places of accommodation (hotels, tourist complexes, etc.)

Specialist in tourist services

Specialist in tourism security

Head of a travel agency

Head of the tourist base

Head of a tourist camp

Travel organizer (excursions)

Tourist guide

Specialist in leisure organization

Specialist in the development of rural tourism

Specialist in conference service

Specialist in specialized services


Group leader

Employment at enterprises of any organizational and legal form (state, municipal, commercial, non-profit).

Our graduates receive job offers from the most popular tourist enterprises such as “Hanek”, “Tudoy-Syudoy”, “Sindbad”, the Tourist Information Center of Odesa, and the Department of Culture and Tourism of the Odesa City Council.

"Tourism" is a comprehensive specialty that provides a wide range of employment opportunities for our graduates as organizers of tourism and hotel activities, travel organizers, tour guides, leisure specialists, and tourism instructors, taking into account the conditions of the modern world.