Ecological patrol

The scientific and technological revolution has caused an ecological crisis, which today has gained a Universe scale and is a real threat to the survival of mankind.

The technocratic direction in human activity threatens the ecology of the planet and human health. Nowadays the environmental education of young generation is very actual and plays an important role in our society today as the future state of the environment largely depends on the success of environmental education and the forming of new environmental thinking.
Environmental education in our college is carried out at all stages of studying.


Taking into account the age of students, different goals and tasks are determined which form:
• students' understanding that it is necessary to live in harmony with nature;
• knowledge about nature (taking into account the peculiarities of its own region);
• a sense of responsibility for nature as a national wealth, the basis of life on Earth;
• a sense of readiness for active environmental activities.

The aim of the environmental patrol in the college is to increase the environmental awareness of students, maintain a favorable environmental situation and protect the biodiversity of Student's dendropark.

The main activities of the college’s environmental patrol on the territory of the Student’s dendropark are connected with providing true information about its condition, preventing environmental damage of the flora and fauna, creating favorable conditions for its development.

Duties and tasks of environmental patrol members during the studying year:

1.    Patrolling the territory of the Student's dendropark in order to identify smokers within the park.
2.    Carrying out the thematic discussions about impact of bad habits on human health and the environment as a whole.
3.    Organizing a “No Smoking Day” every month.
4.    Patrolling the territory under the slogan “throw into the dustbin” in order to provide good sanitary condition and cleanliness of the territory.
5.    Conducting thematic conversations with students and its visitors about the environmental problem of the annual household waste increasing and its role in environmental management.
6.    Preparing report and publishing its results in the “Environmental Screen” monthly, which covers the problems and acquaints students with the biodiversity of the dendropark, observes current environmental news of the region, Ukraine and the world.
7.     Planting the greenery, taking care of trees and the root system, controlling harmful insects, installing birdhouses etc.
8.    Assisting  the information and security signs on the territory of the park.
9.    Cooperating with student self-government bodies of the college, students union.

Berezovskaya L.V., The head of the eco-patrol.