Food Technology

Specialty 181 Food Technology


The College of Oil and Gas Technologies, Engineering and Service Infrastructure trains highly qualified and competitive specialists capable of professional activity at manufacturing enterprises and restaurants.

The training of qualified personnel is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the food industry, taking into account the experience of modern food enterprises, restaurant establishments, with the involvement of representatives of production - successful and well-known specialists of the industry in the educational process, taking into account the specifics of food production technologies, the organization of enterprise activities, and solving practical tasks of ensuring the quality of food products.

The practical component of the educational process for students majoring in "Food Technologies" is carried out at modern enterprises of the food industry, in restaurants in the city of Odesa and the Odesa region. The academic mobility program (Erasmus+) has been implemented, which provides for paid international internships for students.

Among the competencies acquired by students of the College of Oil and Gas Technologies, Engineering and Service Infrastructure, the following can be distinguished:

- Determine quality indicators of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products in accordance with regulatory requirements.

- Control technological processes of food and related industries.

- Identify the causes of production situations and find ways to solve them.

- Make proposals for improving the technology of food products.

- To apply the requirements of legislation, regulatory, technical and technological documentation in the field of food technology in professional activities.

- Choose modern technological equipment for technical equipment of production sites (subdivisions).

- Apply special software and information and communication technologies in professional activities.

- Communicate and draw up business documentation in national and foreign languages, in particular on professional matters.

- To carry out the production of health food products based on the understanding of the functional properties of the components of food raw materials and their transformations during the technological process.

A specialist with a high level of professionalism can be capable of active work, constant self-improvement and lifelong learning, and solve the tasks of activity that may arise.

A professional junior bachelor is able to occupy primary positions (approximate) to professional job titles according to the National Classifier of Ukraine "Classifier of Professions DK 003:2010" (approved and given effect by the order of the Derzhspozhivstandard of Ukraine dated 07/28/2010 No. 327 (with amendments)):

Product quality control inspector

Master of industrial training

Assistant manager

Specialist in food technology

Food technology technician


Baby food cook

Manufacturer of semi-finished food products





Master of restaurant service.

Employment at enterprises of any organizational and legal form (state, municipal, commercial, non-commercial). Our graduates receive job offers in the most popular 5-star hotel and restaurant complexes of the city, such as the club-hotel "M1", "Bristol", "Londonskaya", "Hotel de Paris", etc., as well as in such famous restaurants as " Yug", "Aleksandrivskyi", "Rif", "Oblaka", "Le Grand Cafe Bristol", "Inn" and others.

The training of those who acquire professional preliminary higher education is combined with the formation of professional, cultural, physical development in symbiosis with the formation of leadership and communication qualities, active social mobility, adaptability to the dynamic conditions of the modern world.