Hotel and restaurant business

Specialty 241 Hotel and restaurant business


Odeshchyna is characterized by experience in hosting guests and a diverse base of food and leisure services, friendliness and hospitality of the population.

The most popular purpose of visiting the Odesa region by foreign guests is leisure and recreation, which is necessarily associated with visiting hotels and restaurants.

  In the wake of such success, the number of hotel and restaurant establishments is actively growing, which in turn requires an increase in the number of qualified employees.

To successfully solve all the variety of guest service tasks, it is necessary to master special competencies and constantly improve them. Among the competencies acquired by students of the College of Oil and Gas Technologies, Engineering and Service Infrastructure, the following can be distinguished:

- The ability to carry out the process of serving consumers in hotels and restaurants using modern information, communication and service technologies.

- Apply the skills of productive communication with consumers of restaurant and hotel services in professional activities.

- Coordinate the work of service personnel in accordance with their job instructions.

- To be able to prepare food and drinks according to modern and innovative technologies.

- To draw up primary accounting and technological documentation in professional activities.

- Control the quality of products and services of hotels and restaurants.

- Ability to plan and organize the process of providing hotel and restaurant services on the basis of modern enterprises of the hotel and restaurant business in Odesa and Odesa region.

specialist with a high level of professionalism can be capable of active work, constant self-improvement and lifelong learning, and solve the tasks of activities that may arise.

A professional junior bachelor is able to occupy primary positions (approximate) to professional job titles according to the National Classifier of Ukraine "Classifier of Professions DK 003:2010" (approved and given effect by the order of the Derzhspozhivstandard of Ukraine dated 07/28/2010 No. 327 (with amendments)):

Reception and accommodation service administrator

Hall administrator

Leisure organization specialist

Conference service specialist

Specialized service specialist




Master of restaurant service.

Employment at enterprises of any organizational and legal form (state, municipal, commercial, non-commercial). Our graduates receive job offers in the most popular 5-star hotels in the city, such as "Bristol", "Londonska", "Hotel de Paris", etc., as well as in such famous restaurants as "Aleksandrivskyi", "Rif", "Oblaka", "Le Grand Cafe Bristol" and others.

The main purpose of the service sector is to create conditions for improving the level and quality of life. This determines the relevance of the training of highly qualified specialists in the field of service, namely specialists in the hotel and restaurant business, who are able to comprehensively solve complex problems.