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Specialty 075 "Marketing"


Marketing is a science, a way of thinking, an approach to the market activity that a person is engaged in.

A marketer is a specialist in the study of supply and demand for goods and services, as well as planning, based on the information received, activities that help increase business profitability.

The specialty Marketing opens up wide horizons for modern specialists: graduates can work in food and other enterprises, in media holdings, consulting firms as marketing directors, marketing specialists, develop advertising companies, PR-actions, events for promoting goods and services, pricing policy  companies, research the market, create and market new brands and trademarks, form and implement marketing plans and programs.


The word "marketer" means "market researcher" in English.  Any company that produces or sells any product needs to have information on how much the results of its work are in demand on the market, what competitors offer, what price buyers are willing to pay for this product.

Marketers are called upon to get an idea of the supply and demand for specific products.

The main task of such specialists is to study the demand for manufactured products and organize their sales, that is, search for potential buyers, identify those market segments in which it is advisable to promote these products.

The work of a marketer is very diverse, as are the products that are produced and sold in the modern world.