Направление подготовки 10 Естественные науки

Specialty 101 "Ecology"


An ecologist is a profession that combines the competencies of various fields of knowledge and skills. This is not only a specialist in environmental technologies, but also an economist, a lawyer, and a manager who is able to assess, control and optimize the quality of the environment. Any type of economic activity is carried out today only with environmental support, and this is proved by the experience of the European and the entire world community, which Ukraine successfully adopts.

In the 21st century, the struggle for environmental protection is actively deployed around the world. International conferences are constantly held, laws and measures aimed at protecting the environment are being introduced. Today, there are many areas in which an ecologist can work, ranging from politics to management and insurance. The profession is very important and in demand in every country. That is why the specialty "Ecology" is so popular among applicants striving for a decent, highly paid profession, and the demand for specialists in the field of ecology is becoming a modern trend in the labor market.

Our graduates conduct laboratory research, environmental monitoring of the natural components of the environment and assess the current state of the environment, take part in the implementation of environmental protection measures or environmental projects, and assess risks to the environment. An ecologist can work in environmental organizations, healthcare and education, municipal structures, and enterprises where such a specialist is always needed. For example, the commissioning or reconstruction of any industrial facility is necessarily accompanied by an environmental impact assessment.

Training is conducted in an interactive format with a combination of lectures, workshops, laboratory classes and industrial and educational practices, providing for the solution of situational, research problems, the involvement of laboratory and research equipment, measuring instruments for the formation of knowledge and creative thinking, all-round development. That’s why our graduates become not only competent employees and specialists, but they also continue their education with pleasure in the best universities of Ukraine.

A lot of time is devoted to practical training in the college, and teachers of our specialty help to spend this time in a qualitative, interesting and useful way: we work at enterprises, at environmentally intensive facilities, select samples for research in the city and beyond, set up experiments in the laboratory, travel on excursions and research trips.

In general, the educational program of college students in the specialty "Ecology" provides for a wide range of activities in the field of ecology:

  • takes into account the principles underlying environmental activities;
  • focused on the special training of environmental specialists who are able to implement the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge in their professional activities;
  • takes into account the latest requirements for the connection between theory and practice, as well as regional features of the implementation of environmental activities.

The practical component of the educational and professional program involves the passage of educational and industrial practices in government agencies, environmental organizations, industrial enterprises in Ukraine and abroad.

Studying with us is a comprehensively developing and interesting process!

With the COGTESI professional junior bachelor's degree in the field of natural sciences in the specialty "Ecology", the graduate receives the profession of an environmental technician, laboratory technician, biologist assistant, chemist assistant, biological research laboratory assistant, and the opportunity to hold other positions related to environmental and economic activities.

In addition, our diploma is the basis for continuing education from the third year in any specialty in the higher education system, which allows you to acquire additional skills and qualifications.



– We are the only college in Odessa that graduates environmental technicians! We constantly receive good reviews about our graduates; we have something and whom to be proud of!

– Our students have an advantage over environmental graduates from other educational institutions, because they have a large amount of practical knowledge, they can work in chemical laboratories, in production, in the field;

- Our college has a powerful educational base and extensive experience in exchanging information among educational institutions;

- The advantage of our specialty is that over the years of study, the student learns to navigate in environmental knowledge and in the future can choose the direction of interest - environmental law, environmental economics, and engineering research.


– I like to study: interesting subjects, good teachers! (Ira, 2nd year)

– In practice, we went on excursions and in the laboratory a lot; it was very interesting and fun! The group is cool, everyone is friendly, the teachers are understanding, they make it easier to master the program with interesting lectures (Lisa, 4th year student)

- I am just finishing my 4th year, and I already have recommendations for several universities - all that remains is to choose! (Olya, 4th year student)

– Our college is the best: understanding teachers, pleasant atmosphere in the group and in the college (Anna, 4th year student)

– I want to create my own environmental center (Yulia, 3rd year student)

– I came here for knowledge in chemistry, and I got it in my specialty, where chemistry is closely related to ecology (Dima, 3rd year student)

- I entered the specialty "Ecology" because I care about people's attitude to nature, I would like to change something! (Natasha, 2nd year)

- The college is good, the teachers are interesting to listen to and delve into the topics of the subjects. They often invite specialists from enterprises who reveal the inner “kitchen” for various jobs (Vlad, 4th year student)