Training area 14 Electrical engineering

Specialty 141 "Eelectric power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics"

Electrician-it sounds proud.

монтаж пульта управления, электромонтажные работыThe profession of an electricianfirst appeared at the end of the 19th century. With the advent of the first power plants, power supply networks and a fairly ramified system of consumers of electric energy, it became necessary to control expensive equipment and to perform complex work on the conversion, transmission,and distribution of electricity. Little was known then about the principles of the operation of electrical installations; few knew how to use electricity in general. Therefore, in the century before last, the service workers the electrician was then called - were worth their weight in gold. Years have passed - now you won’t surprise anyone with an electric lamp, but the profession of an electrician is still in great demand in the labor market and every year electricians are becoming more and more in demand in modern society.

электрический ремонт, электроремонт как сфера работElectrical repair, electrical repair as a field of work.
Today, there is no branch of the economy where electric energy is not used. It feeds electric motors, which operate machines, automatic lines, and hoisting cranes, and it moves trams and electric trains; Electricity is used for welding metals, for television and radio communications and so on.

According to many people, an electrician is a profession of a more technical direction. To know the mode ofoperation of devices is not all that is provided for by this profession. In their work it is necessary to take into account many more related factors - telemechanics, electrical circuits, material conductivity, resistance, reliability. In addition  there is scope for creativity. We want creative thinkers  since no one has restrictedthe inventive process yet. Have you ever tried to invent something yourself? For a professional electrician, they need a strong stress threshold, which is characterized by mobility and flexibility of working, quick perception and assessment of the situation, are most adaptable. It is necessary to have a developed scientific, imaginative, operational and long-term memory, abstract logical thinking and non-verbal intelligence.

Important psychological requirements for an electrician arise in connection with troubleshooting. In this case, the electrician, in addition to knowing the circuit diagram of the equipment that is being repaired, requires fine observational skills, the ability to notice even minor damage to the insulation, moisture, traces of corrosion on the contacts, and other malfunctions. An electrician needs the ability to systematically check all possible causes of malfunctions step by step. In such situations, well-developed eyesight and hearing are indispensable for an electrician.

In the process of working asan electrician, situations arise when it is necessary to quickly eliminate malfunctions. In these conditions, when people are in a hurry, it is necessary to quickly eliminate the problems. At such times the electrician is also required to maintain composure,  quality of thought and perseverance in the search for malfunctions,whilst creating a productive working environment.Then the electrician must show firmness of character and not give in to the nervousness of others. Here, an electrician needs good emotional stability.

An electrician needs to have a good concentrationspan,  attention to detail,and a well-developed spatial imagination.

In the professional work of an electrician, coordination and accuracy of movements are necessary, sometimes requiring quick reactions.

In the profession of an electrician, the combination of mental and physical work,and the variety of operations performed, is valuable. It is necessary to have traits such as observation, quick wit, dexterity, and caution.

Earnings and employment prospects.

Electrician wages are charged according to the tariff rate, qualifications and work experience. There are various surcharges, allowances, and bonuses.

An electrician can work in commercial  companies, where wages are set according to the contract.

In general, the salary of an electrician is quite high.

The profession of an electrician in the labor market has a stable demand. The likelihood of employment after training is high. The risk of unemployment is minimal.


подстанция электрическая открытая                     


Teachers say:

- The profession of an electrician in the labor market has a stable demand. The likelihood of employment after graduation is very high;

- The professional activity of an electrician is complex and very responsible. Not everyone can master it and work successfully;

- For the successful fulfilment of his duties, an electrician must know the basics of electrical engineering, electrical circuits, the design and principle of operation of electrical equipment. He must also know troubleshooting techniques for electrical networks, electrical machines and devices;the methods for checking and testing electrical equipment; the principle of operation and rules for using measuring instruments, and the rules for safe working with electric current.

Students say:

- I chose a profession according to the example of parents who work in electric networks. They talked a lot about how difficult it is, but an interesting profession (Alexander, the 4th course);

- I do not regret my choice, I know for sure that a girl with the profession of an electrician will always find a workplace with an interesting job, a decent salary and perspective (Anastasia,the 4th course);

- Since childhood, I dreamed of an interesting job related to electricity. After training I want to work by profession and continue training (Maxim, the 3rd course);

- Several generations of my acquaintances studied at our college in this specialty. Their stories and advice helped me to choose a profession, in which there is always a place for male friendship, mutual assistance and an adrenaline rush (Alexander, the 3rd course);

- I chose the profession on th e advice of my father and I do not regret it. I especially like to constantly learn something new at lectures and practical classes. I like the team of teachers of our specialty and their attitude towards us (Marina, the 3rd course);

- Just starting my way to mastering the profession of an electrician, but now I understand that my choice is the right one. Classes are interesting and varied, teachers not only require, but also help to master the training material (Alex,the 2nd course);

- I work and at the same time study in the extramural department. I constantly make sure that the knowledge gained in college helps me a lot in my daily work. I’ll get a raise soon. It will be a pity to part with teachers who not only gave us the necessary knowledge, but also taught us to study, because new electrical installations, devices, technologies regularly appear, and their field of application is expanding (Anatolythe,the  4 th course of extramural department).

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