Training area 18 Production and technology

Specialty: 185 "Oil and Gas engineering and technology"

The specialty "Oil and gas engineering and technology" equips students with a combination of knowledge, skills and rational operation and maintenance of oil and gas equipment, pipelines and oil storage facilities. College students receive basic knowledge of oil and gas mechanics and molecular physics, research methods for thermohydrodynamic phenomena and processes, it is important to know during transportation and storage of oil, oil products and gas.

The college prepares specialists who are able to solve problems associated with a continuous technological process from transportation and storage in operation of gas and oil pipelines and gas and oil storages, calculations of the effectiveness of means of moving goods. The effect of technological and technogenic factors on the performance of the means of transportation and storage of oil and gas is studied ..

The demand for specialists in the specialty “Oil and Gas Engineering and Technologies” is updated by the current economic and environmental situation in Ukraine, the need to introduce new environmentally friendly technologies for the exploration, production and use of oil and gas, as well as their transportation and storage. Along with this, in Ukraine there were many enterprises specializing in the transportation and storage of fuels and lubricants, oil and gas, gas stations, requiring appropriate specialists. According to the requirements of both the present and the future, it is necessary to lay a reliable foundation for the training of highly qualified technical personnel in the oil and gas industry to work in a market economy.

Therefore, it is important to introduce an education system with a guaranteed high level of training that can take part in the development, operation and maintenance of oilfield equipment that provides our college.